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This week on one of the days the twins weren’t at school we went to the very beautiful Newlands Corner for a morning of blackberry picking. It was grey and drizzly when we set out from home but we found the wellies that have been languishing at the back of the shoe cupboard all summer, grabbed our rain coats and headed out.

The twins were very excited about our ‘adventure’ not least because they wanted to use the apples to make blackberry and apple crumble, their favourite pudding (though one always has with custard and one with ice cream, twins but not the same :) ) and so equipped with our sandcastle buckets lined with carrier bags we headed into the woods to find the perfect spot.

We didn’t have to walk far before reaching a large bank of blackberry bushes. As I picked the higher fruits the twins sampled the delights of the lower branches, they marvelled at the spiders webs covered in rain and shrieked when they saw the large daddy long legs that lived on the webs!

Walking further into the woods we saw slugs, beetles, birds and lots of evidence (yes, poo) of rabbits. The twins climbed on logs and talked about the different fruits that grow in England and chattered about what they’d been up to at school so far. I was reminded how nice it is to escape from home and spend the morning doing something just for fun with the children. Lots of people out walking stopped to say hello and to admire the buckets full of fruit and after a morning of having to rush around to get the big boy into school in time I felt myself relax.

It was so nice in fact that rather than heading home we went to the little café there and sat out on picnic tables to eat sandwiches admiring the view. It really is a beautiful spot and the twins loved looking across the hills to see what they could spot.

Our blackberry haul was so good that we’ve put some in the freezer, ready to pop into crumbles for the whole of the winter. If you haven’t taken your children out to pick blackberries yet this year now is the time to go. The bushes are laden and the fruit is ripe and ready. No special kit is needed although I did wish I’d taken some wipes as I had very purple hands!

I’ve joined up with Country Kids from Coombe Mill for this post. Check out other families having outdoor fun by clicking the badge below!

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  1. What a lovely impromptu outing! It sounds like you all had a lovely time picking blackberries and exploring nature. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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